• Naomi Chuah

Healing ~By Jaymie Friesen~

Growing up, “normal” meant fighting for my life. Watching friends get hit when I left the house, and getting yelled at anytime I was home. It was all about survival.

I had no idea that I was experiencing stress or trauma. Sometimes you don’t know you need some healing because it all feels “normal”. I think this is true for most people in some way.

Without the right support or practices, it catches up one way or another…

That was headaches, amnesia, dissociative episodes, and depression by age 15, for me. I had no idea what was happening to me, or why.

Friends and family brushed it under the rug, and nothing my traditional doctor did helped.

So it went unhealed for almost a decade until life became so painful I found myself leaning over a balcony 11 stories up.

I had two choices: I could heal and stay alive, or I could let go of the railing.

As scary a time as I was in, I was about to go on the greatest adventure of my life!

I tried anything and everything. I sold my home so I could see 80+ specialists, travelling the world in search of healing, and trying things I had never known.

Yoga, breathwork, meditation, craniosacral, psychotherapy, diet changes, energy techniques, massage, life coaching, wilderness retreats… I found incredible tools and I healed…

I also found ways to fall in love with life, to feel fulfilled and happy every day. And so many like-minded people.

I never knew it was even possible to live and feel like this!

That’s why I’m creating Azhen Eco Resort… Because my story is not rare.

In fact, it’s the majority. Over 50% of the population has clinically diagnosed healing to do, increasing with each generation. The world desperately needs to find a better way.

So 3 years ago I bought 160 acres and decided to create a place that demonstrates that “better way”.

A place to bring all those people and methods together so no one else has to sell their home to experience the adventure and authenticity in healing and personal growth.

You’ll have to watch the video, but here’s some fun hints: hobbit homes, tree houses, hydrotherapy spa, mountain-top yoga, and organic farm-to-table meals.

By clicking here you will be entered for a 3 day all inclusive giveaway, and you will be able to check out why Azhen Resort is so unique.

Naomi has been a big part of my journey, and so I’m honored to be trading services with her and everyone at Fort Langley Massage to help bring the first Azhen resort to life.


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