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Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy ~By Amanda Fraser~

Amanda is both humbled and honored to be sharing her healing hands and heart with you through her reiki and cranio blended treatment. She now has the capacity to love the entire world after working through eight years of her own healing journey. Through her walk she came across many different healing modalities and was gifted to experience deep and profound shifts through reiki and craniosacral therapy. So much so that two years ago Amanda embarked on what has now become her deepest passion in studying and practicing both beautiful healing arts.

She is a local to Fort Langley and has two young boys who she feels have been her biggest teachers here on this Earth. Amanda became intrigued about the mind/body connection when her eldest son was three years old and became ill. Her mind was blown at how energy and our nervous systems react not only to what we put into our bodies but also to our environments.

Amanda believes that traumas are stored in the body and through her work shows up as vessel to support you in moving through the remembering without the story and holds space for your release and reintegration.

She still has a drawing from grade 3 that shows her as a Police Officer with large text underneath that reads "I want to help people". Although that drawing will not come to fruition in this lifetime, the words have, and she is so grateful to be back in her body and in service to humanity.

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Veet Chapman
Veet Chapman
Apr 18

Had an opportunity to experience Amanda’s energy of her healing hands this April. She has a very special gift and would recommend her. Feel very fortunate in meeting her

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