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  • Naomi Chuah

What is Health? ~By Naomi Chuah, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist~

I have long been curious about health. For a while, obsessed even. After all, feeling good is not overrated. If you’ve ever been in a place of compromised health or persistent pain, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I took my physical health for granted for many years until one day, and for a while, my body didn’t work as well. There are many people who have always known that their body needed extra support.

Webster's dictionary says that health is “the state of being free from illness or injury”. To me this rings fairly accurate, what we’ve come to expect, but feels a bit hollow.

The University of British Columbia’s definition of health feels closer to home: “Health is an attribute of individuals, communities, and societies and is a fundamental resource for daily living.” If you want to read UBC’s full article, link is Here. This sounds like health is a responsibility of the individual and of the community, and an ongoing process.

So then, what is my responsibility, and what is my community's responsibility?

Is health static, a goal to reach, an arrival? Or is it an ongoing process?

Is health a state of perfection? Or can health look and feel different for each person?

Curiosity feels like an important part of life, and a good place to start. If you’ve watched a baby grow and develop, curiosity seems an integral aspect.Years ago I watched my newborn’s curiosity the first few days at home. Waking up each morning, wide eyes slowly moving around the room, drinking it all in.

I would like to invite a sense of curiosity to these questions about health, and together let's explore these questions in articles over the following year. Stay tuned

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