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  • Naomi Chuah

Connection ~ by Naomi Chuah, BCST

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


The quiet ache propels me out of doors. I round a corner, and once again my eyes rest on bark, roots, fungus, and moss. Tiny fairy kingdoms, worlds within worlds, the miniature touching my eyes. I know, once again, that I am okay.

Legs moving, feet padding, led onward, deep into the pale green and whites and browns of cottonwood forest and paths, springy sappy scents opening my nose and lungs.

An inner knowing propels me off the trail, and I am sitting by the water listening to my inner rhythms. Reminded once again to trust my body. Coming to peace sitting on mud, gazing into a high tide river knowing to its muddy depths.

As humans, we keep asking the question, "What makes us feel ok?". We wade through hundreds of pages in search of heady knowledge. And then, falling back to sensation, we once again become acquainted with ourselves. A pleasant gurgle moves through the tummy, a brush on the arm from a friend, the whispered caress of wind on the cheek. We even start letting in unpleasant sensations, letting ourselves feel, knowing that we are, or might be one day, okay.

Some would say spirituality makes us feel okay. Brene Brown talks about spirituality like this: “Our expressions of spirituality are as diverse as we are. When our intentions and actions are guided by spirituality - our belief in our interconnectedness and love - our everyday experiences can be spiritual practices”. Might I venture further to say that one doesn’t have to call it spirituality to feel connected; to family, community, animals and plants.

Falling into awe of the starry universe or the miniature of a tree bark’s mossy ecosystem, both somehow reassure our senses that yes, we are real, and there is more going on than just our internal sensations.

Conversely, at times when I cannot connect, and surrender to being myself, suddenly the extra stories fall away, bittersweet, and I just am, as the world comes rushing in to meet me.

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