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Dr. Hauscha Facial & Back Massage Combination ~By Christelle Gass, RCRT~

Facial & Back Massage Combination (Non RMT)

Let’s take a look at fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, muscle and nerve fibre in the body and face in place. Restrictions or adhesions in the fascia, caused by repetitive movements, posture, dehydration, tension and stress or nutrient

deficiencies can impact the internal structures of the skin. Tightness, tension, restrictions and adhesions in the back, neck and head will affect the fascia of the face, potentially deepening lines and wrinkles and creating a general sagging of the skin.

This is why I like to combine the Dr Hauschka Revitalising Facial with a relaxing back

massage. It not only enhances the restorative aspect of your treatment, but it increases the

functional benefits too. Releasing and softening the fascia and muscles of the back, neck

and head provide greater tension release within the facial fascia and muscles, reducing and

softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Now let’s turn our focus to the lymphatic system, which plays such an important role in the

removal of metabolic waste products and excess fluid in the tissues. The lymph capillaries

are wafer thin and extremely permeable to allow waste matter to easily defuse through. But

this permeability also means that the waste is vulnerable to leaking back out into the tissues

if too much pressure is applied, causing puffiness, inflammation and breakouts. 

With an intricate understanding of the lymphatic system, I use gentle rolling, pumping and

wave-like movements combined with soft sweeping brush strokes to encourage lymphatic

flow in the right direction to release blockages, collect and gather waste matter, thus

encouraging the safe removal of waste to decongest the skin.

This in turn creates space within the tissues for fresh nutrients to support and strengthen

skin functions. Puffiness, dullness, stagnation and congestion are reduced and brighter,

vibrant healthier skin is revealed. 

By awakening and stimulating movement within the entire body, particularly in the neck,

shoulders and head, the flow of lymph and release of fascia in the connective tissues and

muscles of the face is more effective.

Our skin has an inherent intelligence, a natural rhythm that can get lost or overwhelmed by

our busy modern lives. This treatment is respectful and supportive of these rhythms, gently

guiding the skin towards a place of wellness.

Gift vouchers are available for all treatments offered by Christelle. Please contact her on

Click Here to book the Dr Hauschka Revitalising Facial & Back Massage Treatment.

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