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  • Naomi Chuah

Gluehwein, Non Alcoholic or Alcoholic

For a Non Alcoholic Version of the following recipes, swap out cranberry juice or a combination of cranberry/pomegranate juice instead of wine.

Oma's Gluehwein, passed to my by my Mom

"Equal parts red wine and water, some cinnamon sticks and cloves." Heat gently.

My Sister Katrina's Gluehwein, in her words

"It's very vague but impossible to get wrong. I usually start with a not expensive red wine, add a chopped up orange with the peel and maybe a squeeze of lemon(if I have cherry or apple juice I add some), then some Christmas spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise.

I also love to add some spruce or fir tips for a little local Christmas flavor. Heat gently, do not boil. The flaming version is the same just with a sugar cone soaked in 80 proof rum and set on fire while resting on a special holder over top of the gluweine. As the sugar burns it caramalizes and drops into the gluweine. If you don't have a flaming sugar cone make sure to add a bit more fruit juice so it's sweeter. Just warm red wine tastes a bit rough."


Photo- courtesy of Unsplash- Hannah Pemberton

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