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How Did I Land Here? ~By Amanda Fraser, CST, Reiki/Craniosacral Practitioner~

My raw, vulnerable truth.

Nine years ago I started a deep healing journey of peeling back the layers; seeing, feeling and honoring each of my painful life experiences. It was dark sometimes, lonely and exhausting. As each memory came to light, I was in awe of the strength I was enduring to get to each of these moments. With breaks in between I was able to enjoy many of life's blessings, which is when I discovered shadow work and fully embraced the dark with the light; honoring the polarity of my journey.

In early 2019, I hit my rock bottom and cracked wide open. Through a beautiful human that I was blessed to have been working with at the time (Chris Dierkes), I was connected with an angelic like woman who took me into her care for a four-day intensive. I still have trouble finding words to articulate my experience with her over on a small island off the Westcoast of British Columbia. It was rooted, painful and agonizing yet so gentle and profound all at once, I couldn’t believe what was coming to the surface while I was there.

I returned home and felt through the magic as my body reintegrated itself. An undeniable shift happened and my entire life as I knew it started to move in all directions, this crumbling was creating space for new experiences and little did I know at the time would change my whole world from the inside out.

I didn’t quite know what magic this woman held within her, but I needed to find out. I had a burning desire to learn whatever it was that she did so that I could help others in this same capacity which is when I discovered craniosacral therapy and reiki.

I started my training in late 2019 and have continued studying these cherished modalities as well as the significant impact that stress and trauma have on our nervous system which shows up in many ways including chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and depression to list a few. Experiencing first-hand how our physical and energetic bodies store memories has been mystifying and has enabled me to turn my pain into magic in continuing my healing journey and holding space for others to do the same.

My practice is a combination of cranio and reiki encompassing the body, mind, and soul. I work intuitively during my sessions and am honored to share in this space with such fascinating humans.

I will be offering 1 on 1 intensives in the near future with the following mantra as our intention "work the pain and make it your alchemy".

In light,


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