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Into The Quiet ~By Tonya Godin, RT Reiki Master and Doula~

Do you have an impostor in your life that just will not be quiet? They seem to fill every ounce of air with words. Most of these words are absolute drivel or focused on negativity and shortcomings. If this impostor paused, even if for a moment, you know Silence would rush in and fill that space with so much Light!

Now pause, and look within yourself. Breathe. Is all quiet? Is there a voice that begins talking? Does this voice sound incredibly like your own?

When I began to listen, can you imagine my utter shock when I realized that I had an impostor running around and hiding in the recesses of my consciousness?! It was pretending to be me! Sometimes it was pretending to be my friend. Most of the words were complete drivel!

I was the impostor! And I was politely listening to my own negativity.

Oh, yes!! Shocking! The impostor voice loves to gravitate to past perspectives. It tells lots of unfounded stories and has a penchant for making false predictions about my future. I am not aware when it snuck in, but there it was. Driving my vehicle, my beautiful life.

So, I ask you too: upon turning inward, within the dark, within the core of self, what do you find? Busy thoughts? Anxious random ramblings? An incessant diatribe of the same old play list of stories? Are you housing the ‘friend’ who knows best and just will not quiet down for a moment?

It looks like this: “You should have done that. You should not have said such n such. You are getting lazy. You know better.”

Then it pretends to be You!

“I have to protect myself. I’m misunderstood. I need to work harder. Dang. People don’t get me. Its all because of Bleep. Yes, its all that bleep situations fault”

Blah blah blah.

I present to you, the impostor hanging out pretending to be us. Stopping us from being the most authentic versions of creative expression, genuinely happy and in love with life as Life. Playfulness, vitality, joy: creators creating beauty, manifesting poetry of living.

So now we know we have an impostor running around pretending to be us. How do we free ourselves? How do we take back the silence, our inner power, the flow of freedom, of play dynamic that we all are born as?

Here is how I do it, every single day with conscious choice:

  1. I merely notice the impostor voice. I refrain from reacting as I began to awaken to my inner landscape. I simply take notice.

  2. Reiki. I embrace my Reiki practice as a way of life. The “Just for Today” tenets of Reiki keep me in the now moment. I administer self reiki healing sessions when needed and all becomes peaceful and still once again.

  3. I follow the Toltec 5 Agreements. They are easy and very practical.

The Four Agreements:

Be impeccable with your word

Don’t make assumptions

Don’t take anything personally

Always do your best

If I stumble, (perhaps I assume something or I find the voice in my head using the word against myself), I stop. I am skeptical of the inner impostor. This leads us to:

The 5th Agreement:

Be skeptical and listen for the truth.

So, I breathe 10 Breath Cycles. I listen and feel. Silence of Truth.

(See Books: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Sr. and The 5th Agreement co-written by father and son- Don Miguel Ruiz Sr. & Don Jose Ruiz)

  1. 10 Breath Cycle Tool: Breathe in, Breathe out, all the way out. I breathe in again (expand my ribs), breathe out again, all the way out. Each in & out is 1 Breath cycle. 10 Breath Cycles every day. I listen to the wind of my lungs breathing & feel Silence.

  2. Connecting with our earth, out in nature, is my top priority. I AM nature.

I remove my shoes (even in the late fall) and I Earth. I drink in the Suns rays. This is beneficial from a health perspective and deeply relaxing. All the positively charged free radicals (from cel phones, WIFI, etc..) that cause dis-ease and illness flow out of me as the earth and sun’s energy create balance within me. (Clint Ober, Earthing)

I am so happy that I am aware of the impostor in my life who will just not be quiet. By employing my 5 Tools, I find I am kinder, more compassionate towards Tonya. I am openhearted, less critical of myself and therefore others. I honor myself as a beautiful Being of Creation. I flow with the wind and suns rays regularly and become more a part of all.

A new friend of mine recently mentioned, ‘I felt really connected to the Ocean sitting beside you. I haven’t felt that in a long while’. I was able to be skeptical, reflect and then bask in my friend’s art with the word. Why? The words felt right. And all grew silent. May all grow silent in your world, ….into the Quiet flow.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about”.

-Rumi, 13th Century Sufi Poet

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