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Leah's Raw Granola Balls recipe

2 cups oatmeal (raw oats)

1 cup peanut butter or other nut butter

2/3 cup honey or agave

2 cups (altogether) of your choice of: coconut flakes, wheat germ, wheat bran, sesame seeds, chia seeds, protein powder, diced nuts of choice, hemp hearts (whichever combination you have or prefer)

1 cup flaxseed

1 cup chocolate chips (mini if you have them)

2 tsp vanilla

*Most ingredients are optional~ I made my last batch without flaxseed or protein, added chopped walnuts, they were really good!*

Mix all ingredients together well. Form into balls and onto a baking sheet, freeze for 20-30 minutes and then place into container or bags. Stores well in fridge for weeks!

Leah Mayer

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