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  • Naomi Chuah

My Belly Knows ~By Kim Brandt, RMT~

My belly is a know it all,

I trust that it will catch my fall.

A know it all my belly is,

well-rounded and intuitive.

The only time it gets upset,

and can burn like a turbojet.

Is when I hear it loud and clear,

yet disregard my gut for fear.

When muddled up I’ll miss the mark,

sometimes I wander in the dark.

My belly smiles, and nods, it knows,

I’m really not a block-head schmo.

My belly knows it can’t enforce,

re-learn to listen, then discourse.

A change in course comes from within,

that’s when I hear above the din.

Re-turn, re-call, re-member, re-claim,

those disparate parts of me re-framed.

My belly surely knows the way,

to my re-memeber-ing today.

Ancestral insights beyond time,

I hear them now, it’s too sublime.

My belly guide within me states,

“Dance on dear kim, through wisdoms gate.”

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