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  • Naomi Chuah

Slowness ~ by Naomi Chuah, Craniosacral Therapist

The earth is spinning on it’s own and around the sun, in a beautiful spinning dance with our galaxy and the milky way, taking its place among other galaxies, more space, and who knows……

Here on the ground the spinning craziness of spring has slowed right down. Into a lush greenness padding under feet, plants lazily splaying in the sun with the fruit of their bodies slowly expanding ever bigger, proof the rampaging of spring has paid off.

Deepening into oneself, there comes a time or times of shedding expectations of the rushing world, and tuning in to the slowness of our natural world and inner bodies. Of acknowledging the anxiety that often drives us and tuning in to the slower wisdom that is always there, in the background.

Of acknowledging that we are held together, our hearts keep on beating, the seasons keep turning. Of allowing ourselves to be pulled to a slower pace and sinking to the ground amidst the hot air, thick with moisture and the slow breath of rain forest. Noting woodpeckers, flat wide bodies sweeping their black capes, looking out from pointed crimson heads. The lazy hum of insects and trickling water, thick moss underneath our bodies.

Feeling the breath of our body, the breath of the forest, the breath flowing through everything at once and at once individually. Sensations of nature allowing us to sense ourselves.

Sometimes I move through life quickly, sometimes slowly. I’ve noted, often, when our bodies heal in a wholistic body/emotional way, sometimes slow is faster. On the table in a craniosacral session, allowing myself the permission of slowness, healing will often feel more resourced and will then integrate more pleasantly. As a practitioner of craniosacral therapy, when I allow myself to slow down, often a subtler and deeper process will emerge in the client’s body and more information will arise.

Allowing life to inform and breath us.

In the garden, cucumbers and tomatoes and peas and beans are rounding from the inside out. The pupa, still on the outside but a oozing transmutation inside. In the neighborhood a belly rounds, as surely as stars above and earth under feet.

Life. Hidden, full in front of us, in us, through us. 

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