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~Christelle Gas, RCRT, Reflexologist ~

Originally from South Africa, I was introduced to the natural health industry in May 2001 when I started working for a herbal medicine company. I was intrigued by the fact that plants could be used as medicine and this opened up a whole new world of discovery for me. To pursue my interest in natural health, I went to London to study massage and beauty therapy

and also qualified as a Dr Hauschka aesthetician. Upon my return to South Africa, I worked as a therapist for a few years until I got married and joined my husband in running our own medicinal herb production and export business (Zizamele Herbs) for the next 9 years with

emphasis on the cultivation and processing of indigenous medicinal herbs.

We sold our business in 2013 to realize our dream of living in bonny Scotland. I will never

forget arriving in Edinburgh with only our suitcases and endless possibilities! In Scotland I

worked for Jan de Vries Healthcare, a company that offers a wide range of health foods,

supplements and therapies. There I had the privilege of learning from the well-known

naturopath, Jan de Vries, before he passed away in 2015. A truly wonderful experience!

Then in 2018 I started practicing massage and facial therapies again and following my

dreams, I enrolled at Formula Botanica in Scotland and completed diplomas in Organic

Cosmetic Formulation by 2020. To further expand my knowledge and broaden my offer, I

enrolled with The UK Complementary Therapy School where I graduated as reflexologist in

June 2021.

After 9 years on the west coast of Scotland, we took another leap of faith and relocated to

British Columbia in January 2022 to be nearer to our family and we now live in Langley.

I’m delighted to announce that reflexology sessions will be available at Fort Langley

Massage Therapy and Holistic Health from the 17 th of March at $85 per 1 hour session. I

look forward to meeting you!

Reflexology is based on the theory that the feet are a mini-map of the entire body. By

working on specific zones and reflexes on the feet, we access areas where energy has

become blocked or stagnant, creating a safe and relaxed environment for the body’s own

internal healing response to restore the flow of energy and move towards a state of greater

well-being (1). It is said that stress causes 75 % of all illnesses, as it suppresses the immune system leaving people more vulnerable to disease (1) . Reflexology induces deep relaxation, allowing the flow of energy and facilitating the body to achieve balance within itself.

Relaxation has many benefits, such as

- improved circulation and deep breathing, thus lowering heart rate and blood pressure

- aids normal blood sugar levels,

-improves sleep patterns and quality of sleep

- decreases muscle tension and pain

- increased concentration, mood, creativity and productivity (2)

It could be said that reflexology is preventative healthcare, helping the body and its various

systems to become more resilient and function optimally (1).

Besides reflexology, I am also available to offer facials and the development & formulation of natural organic cosmetics. Formulating products is a labor of love which requires research,

patience and constant tweaking. I love to forage from the wild, grow and process many of

the ingredients in my products, as I feel it adds deeper meaning and allows me to create

high-quality products from ‘soil-to-bottle’ that are unique and local. I hope to introduce facial treatments with my own products in a few months once all the necessary registrations are done!


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