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Music ~By Shay Biggar, Registered Massage Therapist~

For many of us, the sense of going stir crazy from quarantining during the COVID-19 outbreak has firmly set in.

Whether you're an essential worker, working from home or just staying inside without a job, it's easy to feel yourself getting lost in the weight this situation.

This unprecedented event is understandably causing many people to feel sizeable amounts of stress and anxiety. And you know what's good for decreasing stress? Music!

One the greatest things about music is its ability to change our mood.

Music gives us the power to adjust and transform our environment for the better. There's nothing quite like listening to your favourite song to make you feel better when you’ve had a hard day, or something soothing and calm when your world feels like its tilted off course. Music isn't the cure for everything, but it sure helps!

That's why I’m sharing the playlist I use when I’m massaging (about 8 hours of music!). I have been listening to it still, even during this time when I haven’t been able to work, because every time I hear the soothing songs on this playlist, it feels like my world is still spinning exactly how it’s supposed to.

Whether you choose this playlist, or one of your favourites, I suggest you put on some noise cancelling headphone, turn the volume up, close your eyes, let everything else fade away, and enjoy the moment to yourself.

Listen, relax, and even consider making one of your own. You've got this.

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