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  • Naomi Chuah

TRE ~By Naomi Chuah, RCST and TRE Therapist~

TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

TRE is a simple way to initiate involuntary body tremoring, releasing tension and helping the body reconnect to itself. When appropriate, TRE also helps release and integrate the physical trauma response. Humans (in fact, all mammals) have a natural ability to tremor after tension, stress or trauma. A lot of animals will naturally tremor after a stressful experience, but as humans we sometimes suppress this response as it is not always well understood. When suppressed, the “fight or flight” impulse can be stored in the body as tension, pain, nervous system activation, tension, or immobilization.

For a lot of people, tremoring feels fun and novel. If there has been prolonged stress or trauma, however, TRE can also bring up uncomfortable sensations, feelings, and emotions. Part of TRE then becomes learning how to recognize these signs early, slow down, and integrate as well as release. TRE is a simple way to address this and let the body “shake it off”.

TRE can also be helpful for people who have experienced tremoring naturally on their own but are not sure what it is or what to think of it. Knowing that it can be a normal and healthy response, and then developing agency in being able to start and stop it at will can help to integrate and normalize this normal body response to stress.

Here’s what a session is like:

The client is led through several short and simple exercises designed to tire the psoas and leg muscles, taking about 15 minutes. The client then lays on the floor with their legs butterflied, and slowly raises their knees until tremoring naturally occurs. The practitioner is present, and facilitates the client with pacing and processing.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Naomi at To Book a TRE session, Click Here

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