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How Do You Create and Measure Success in the Business of a Health Care Practice? ~ by Kim Brandt

Beyond the determination and stick-to-itiveness generally essential in business there are other considerations:

  • Overall, do the outcomes of the care provided improve the quality of the lives for those who sought it?

  • Has the practice given back beyond the mere exchange of treatment for money?

  • Does the practice provide a safe and supportive opportunity for each therapist to grow professionally and personally?

  • Is the business model one that manifests a thriving enterprise balancing equity and profitability?

  • Can I measure the positive influence the practice demonstrates in the community; including the community of practitioners, clients, and the greater community where it resides?

I believe the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES at Fort Langley Massage Therapy and Holistic Health.

In the last decade most of the therapists who have come to join the practice have stayed. Not 100% but not far off either. This stability does not mean I am a great leader or any such thing but more likely means I have an aptitude for creating an environment that attracts people who share the vision we embrace in a setting we’ve co-created.

RMT’s Kim Matthias, Sydnee Russell, Maria Smirnov, Natalie Wade, Kelsey Vredik, Tamara Sporrer, and Leah Mayer are the reasons the practice is ripe with vitality. And I would be remiss by not mentioning Pam Weidenhammer who oversaw Rasayana Studio, a noble cause she aided with a creative and detail-oriented energy, for almost three years. These people are the reason the enterprise has been such a resounding success. If memory serves none joined us through any type of advertising but rather heard of us and sought us out.

One name is missing from that collection of practitioners named above. That name is Naomi Chuah. Naomi is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist who joined us last year and I am absolutely delighted to announce the new owner of Fort Langley Massage Therapy & Holistic Health!

Late last year the idea of selling the practice crossed my mind. The idea intrigued me enough to stick and I announced it to our group sometime back in January. There was some outside interest but no offers, and I must admit to not being a particularly motivated seller. I mean heck, most days I find it a joy to go there since it’s a such great place to work plus it affords me a balanced and comfortable living.

That being said, in April Naomi approached me with terms that met both our needs and we agreed to proceed. The stars aligned perfectly as we successfully completed the sale May 3rd. I could not possibly feel any better about turning my baby (well, now a teenager) over to Naomi’s capable hands.

My feelings in the matter encompass sadness, relief, grief and joy. I have put my heart and soul into this community enterprise for almost 20 years so selling is no small thing.

When I bought the practice from Diane Jones I worked briefly from her home office,

then moved to Fort Langley Integrated Health (now Integrated Health), then down the street to the old TAP location (now Remple’s Mercantile), then expanded into two treatment rooms in the Glover Road strip mall and finally building our exquisite wellness centre in the Coulter Berry Building replete with six spacious treatment rooms.

It has been a remarkable journey.

*IMPORTANT* - Please note that while I am no longer the owner, I will still be working there but taking the summer off returning to my usual schedule come September.

It continues to be a great gift to serve the health and wellness needs of our community and in Naomi’s capable hands I know the leadership she provides will support many, many more years of health, healing, and wellness for our beloved Fort Langley and beyond.

I measure the success of this practice by the people whose life trajectories have been enhanced as a result of the work they have done here, the great practitioners who have grown and matured here, how it has pushed me to grow in ways I would have never dreamed possible, the astounding and enduring relationships that have manifest as a result of this enterprise, as well as the living I have been blessed to enjoy from it all. Holy smokes, pretty freaking amazing wouldn’t you say!!!

With a profound and heartfelt appreciation to the community I serve and the wonderful colleagues I am privileged to work with I offer a deep bow of gratitude.



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