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  • Naomi Chuah

Dancing Those I Hold So dear ~By Kim Brandt, Registered Massage Therapist~

Weaving o'er the brink of trance,

Pulsing bodies being danced.

Shape shifting ~ check-in, check-out,

trusting all, no lingering doubt.

With soul-filled verve we move slipstream,

choreographed by Spirit’s grand dream.

Witness, spinning, soaring, breathing,

I am one of many teeming.

My body does luxuriate,

but hold on tight - I may gyrate.

Back and forth, then side to side,

spinning now, and wow, a glide.

Creator guides along the way,

Safe within our tribe today.

With witnesses who help me see,

then gently coax me to cut free.

And heal those broken, scattered parts,

that cut like razors in the dark.

Resistance now would be in vain,

And surely amplify my pain.

So breathing music beat by beat,

which courses upward through my feet.

I flow in you arising stream,

my earnestly emergent dream.

Pray dance me home so I may see,

Beloved wholeness that is me.

Here am I and I am here,

Dancing those I hold so dear.

Photo Credit: Ahmad Odeh


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