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  • Christelle Gass

~Dr. Hauschka Facials, by Christelle Gass, RCPT~

I follow a holistic approach to skincare, which means that I consider the role lifestyle, nutrition and cosmetic preparations play in supporting the skin as a living organ. I completed my initial training as a Dr Hauschka esthetician in the UK in 2003. The therapeutic healing power of plants is at the centre of this skincare range and it really resonated with me. The facial treatment grabbed my attention, as many of the skincare philosophies and practices were contrary to the information from the mainstream cosmetic industry. Dr Hauschka is produced by WALA, a homeopathic medicine company and is therefore closely aligned with homeopathic principles, such as ‘like cures like’. I was impressed that someone could create such a beautiful treatment, yet there was so much intention behind every single action to stimulate the lymphatic system, thus supporting and activating the skin.

Life can be rushed, with so many distractions and demands on our time. I love performing this rhythmical treatment, where life’s pace slows down and I am fully present and in the moment with you, my client, attentive to your skin’s needs. I see my treatment room as a safe haven from the pressures and stresses of this world, allowing clients time to be still and rest, leaving you feeling vibrant and in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Come and experience a facial treatment with a special quality of touch which promotes good health, deep relaxation and a general sense of well being. Dr Hauschka products are certified 100 % natural by NATRUE, guaranteeing the highest standards, quality and authenticity.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care addresses the skin holistically and effectively throughout life – protecting, strengthening, revitalising and promoting regeneration. The concept addresses all age groups, skin conditions, times of day and seasons. It does not create any fake effects or dependencies, but instead guides the skin step by step back to its natural balance. Dr Hauschka does not aim to provide the skin with all the substances that it is lacking, but rather to activate the skin’s own activities and production - thus empowering the skin, leaving it able to perform all essential functions harmoniously as a universal organ.

The Dr Hauschka Classic Facial Treatment is the 2-hour signature treatment according to Elizabeth Sigmund and includes massages to legs, feet, arms & hands, as well as lymphatic stimulation with delicate brushes. If you would like to book a 2-hour signature treatment, Click Here

The ‘One Hour for Myself’ Facial treatment includes the application of a mask and lymphatic stimulation with delicate brushes. If you are interested in booking a 'One Hour for Myself' Facial Treatment, Click Here


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