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Prenatal Meditation Support and Beyond ~By Tonya Godin, Registered Doula and Reiki Master~

In this world, there are many things to consider for mothers and fathers when preparing for the miracle of their child. Which midwife do I choose? Do we choose hospital or home birth? Will I have a Doula supporting us during the pregnancy and subsequent birthing? What do I/we need to do to prepare? What teas and herbal drinks will help tone and strengthen my uterus? “Help!” Add to this work, everyday life, and all the little nuances that it means to be a parent is this new world.

Prenatal Meditation helps you to connect with your baby on a deeper level, while promoting relaxation. Prenatal Meditation also eases discomfort by altering your perception to aches and pains, while balancing your overall wellbeing and health in all four domains, (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). Meditation is known to lower high blood pressure, promote restful sleeps, and boost general feelings of happiness.

This is one of the primary reasons I began offering Prenatal Meditation years ago to pregnant mothers (and their partners if they are keen). I found they just needed space to connect with their breath, their body, their baby. Space to breathe and be.

Another primary reason is my own personal experience with preparing for my youngest and last baby's birth. Storm was peaceful and perfect (in my eyes), as all my babies were, but this was my last birthing ever. I wanted to be fully and consciously awake and aware for her sacred event.

While my first baby was through Lamaze Method of preparation and my second baby was walking every day, I decided this time that I would prepare myself through meditation.I started meditating in my 6th month of pregnancy. It wasn't long before I began looking forward to this special space and time that I so gently carved out for myself and Storm.

The tools that I used were the same favourite ‘The Memory of Trees’ CD by Enya, the same time of day (after supper), the same spot (my bedroom/door closed) and for the same length of time (The running time of the CD). The rest of the family knew that this was my birthing prep time and my wellness space. They did not intrude and they all honoured this pregnant mother’s request in its fullest sense. (Note: I brought the Enya CD with me to her birthing. Music, especially familiar music that your subconscious relates to relaxation, is an incredible tool in your birthing space.)

During the meditations, I breathed and was with my body, every part of it from my head to my toes and back again. I stayed with my breath, as it came and went; Observing it with keen interest and focus. Then I would begin the journey of visualization. Sometimes my meditation would focus on connecting and communicating with the baby. How beautiful and strong she was. How the food I ate was feeding her too and helping her grow.

Often though, I enacted the entire birthing, each and every time seeing myself as a Beautiful lotus flower opening with each birthing wave (contraction). When my breath entered my body I saw power entering me and feeding my baby and as I breathed out I saw my lotus bud opening a bit more. So with each breath, I was opening my Birthing canal for baby even more. This visualization was so effective that I used it naturally and easily during the actual birthing.

I felt amazing, fully in body and so calm following the meditations that I almost did not want to leave my scared room. In fact, part of the inspiration for my self guided meditation journey is the book, “Calm Birth, New Method for Conscious Childbirth” by Robert Newman. It is an excellent book! and was certainly pivotal in launching me into my prenatal meditation practice. You can still find it for order through or Amazon books (slightly pricier). I highly recommend it as part of your “pregnancy companions”.

Prenatal Meditation boosts the feel good hormones in your body such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. It helps you connect with your baby on a deeper, sometimes ecstatic level. When the entire mind and heart are in sync and your body is at peace, the silence of the soul lets you know that ‘All is well’! You are fully alive and Empowered! And if there are feelings within that are uncomfortable, I invite you to honour & witness them. Thank them. Then put your lips together and blow them away, long and slow, blowing until you cannot blow anymore. (Like blowing up a balloon). On the in breath, draw in a deep cleansing breath! Now, allow your breathing to return to normal.

During Prenatal meditation, there is an intuitive sense of communication that happens simultaneously between your baby and you and visa versa. It's pure magik, this miracle of living ...magik unfolding!

“Your children are not your children

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself

They come through you, but not from you…”

-Kahil Gibran

Contact me if you would like 1 to 1 sessions and I will be happy to support you! To Book online Click Here, or if you prefer weekdays or evenings, email me directly at:

I also offer remote Pre & Postnatal Reiki Sessions through Telehealth on-line services. To book online Click Here. And, if you would like online weekday or evening bookings, email me directly at Many baby blessings to you!


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