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Hot Stone Massage ~By Heidi Charlton, Registered Massage Therapist~

Hi my name is Heidi Charlton and I have been a registered massage therapist since 2019. I have recently taken a hot stones massage training and I am offering to incorporate this into my practice.

For centuries stones have been used for therapeutic purposes worldwide. Some specific reasons have been: saunas , alleviating pain, removing toxins, ceremonies/ rituals, Ayurveda and other healing purposes.

My focus as an RMT will be to increase blood, lymphatic and oxygen circulation, decrease pain, tension and stress in the body and to invoke relaxation.

Basalt is one of the most common types of rocks in the world, making up most of the oceans floor. This stone is also extremely abundant on the moon, making up most the our moons surface. The largest mountain in our solar system is on Mars, named Olympus Mons and was made by basaltic lava flow. These dark volcanic lava stones are made up of dense mineral content and hold heat very well for this reason. Most stones I use will be basalt and found by the water.

I look forward to utilizing these stones as a therapeutic tool in my massages. Feel free to ask me if you are interested or would like to know more.

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