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Introducing Theresa Schmidt, Physiotherapist ~By Theresa Schmidt, BScPT~

Hello to the community of Fort Langley Massage Therapy and Holistic Health!

I am pleased to join this practice, bringing with me over 25 years of extensive physiotherapy experience. After completing my BSc degree in Physiotherapy at UBC followed by  a Manual and Manipulative Therapy Diploma, I expanded my knowledge by incorporating holistic health with a focus on the study of women’s health.

I began my career at the Arthritis Society, where I spent several years learning the importance of slowing the progression of pain/inflammation  by maintaining good body and joint health. This is a passion I still carry with me today. 

Following the Arthritis Society, I moved to my own practice where I expanded my clinical skills to include more varied musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. 

After having two children and experiencing post-partum challenges of having a weak core/pelvic floor then having a c-section, women’s health came to the forefront in my career. 

I bring to this practice a holistic approach to women who suffer from a pelvic floor disorder including incontinence, prolapse and  chronic pelvic pain. Of the many continuing courses I have taken, I found learning the Hypopressive technique most impressive for pelvic health. This posture and breathing exercise is an extremely effective treatment  to retrain the  core of post-partum women. I have seen amazing results with strengthening the core/pelvic floor, re-establishing body awareness and reducing incontinence or prolapse. 

I look forward to working with women to “Restore their Core” at Fort Langley Massage Therapy and Holistic Health!

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