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  • Theresa Schmidt

Women's Pelvic Health ~By Theresa Schmidt, BScPT, Physiotherapist~

How many of you ladies know about your Pelvic Floor?

The Pelvic Floor is part of your core and it is responsible to support your pelvic organs such as your bladder and uterus.

Some reasons you could have a weak or dysfunctional Pelvic Floor is pregnancy (vaginal or c-section), weak core muscles including abdominal/back/hip muscles, poor posture, excessive coughing, pelvic/hip injuries.

Your symptoms can include urinary incontinence where you have involuntary urine loss with a cough, sneeze or laugh. You could also experience organ prolapse causing a feeling of heaviness in the pelvis or a feeling that something is in the vagina causing rubbing/fullness.

The key to resolve these issues is a proper internal assessment of the Pelvic Floor which is done vaginally and/or rectally. This assessment will give information of your Pelvic Floor strength/endurance, scarring/adhesions, pain, muscle flexibility/stiffness and prolapse.

Book an appointment today for you Pelvic Floor assessment Here

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Remember, it is a great idea to have Pelvic Floor health be part of your overall health!


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